She happily agrees!

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It is Halloween again and Havoc is armed with our Homie the clown and some paint She finds these two girls willing to make some money and head back to our van so homie can turn their pussies into a vampire and werewolf Next up Havoc wants to play some basketball but she needs a referee She pays this guy she finds on the street to go back with her to ref a game with some hot chicks To his surprise these girls are extra plus size and juicy Winner gets to sit on Havoc and our referees face Our other crew is hanging out at the sex shop when these two buddies come in and find themselves swing cocks at each other for money This one jealous guy and his cutie girlfriend come into the store We are dying to see her tits whether her man likes it or not She cant refuse the cash so she pulls them out for a flash Meggan comes in the store on lunch brake to find our crew in a playful mood She is tall, blond, hot, horny and has gorgeous legs We want to play with her and our purple dildo so we pay her for a lil
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