Vigilante (robert forster, fred williamson, william lustig, vigilantes, rapes, murders, kills)

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Eddie is a factory worker in New York, with a wife named Vickie and a son named Scott Eddie's friend and co worker Nick and some of the factory's workers have formed a vigilante group because Nick and the group are fed up with the pimps, gangs, and drug dealers who keep taking over the neighborhoods Eddie goes home from work one night, only to discover that something horrible has happened to his family Frederico Melendez, the leader of a Puerto Rican street gang, is arrested for the crimes Assistant District Attorney Mary Fletcher plans to put Rico away for as long as possible, since New York doesn't have the death penalty Nick tries to convince Eddie to join the vigilante group, but Eddie turns Nick down, preferring to let the courts handle Rico Nick makes it clear that he has no faith The Awesome soundtrack in this Death Wish rip off by Jay Chattaway is truly brilliant
Rest in peace Robert Forster (July 13, 1941 – October 11, 2019)
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